Commercial Lighting Consulting Services

Why Integral Lighting?

At Integral Lighting we offer unbiased consulting advice tailored to you. No single lighting technology is right in every application, but we can help guide you to your ideal choice. We work with you to understand your objectives and requirements. By understanding our clients business and lighting needs we are able to direct them to several options while explaining the differences between them in a simple manner. We help focus your attention on factors that pertain the goals of the project. Often, clients we work with already have 2 or more lighting assessments quoting various systems but interpreting the data and how they compare to each other is a difficult task requiring extensive knowledge and time. We also offer our clients financing so that no money is required out of pocket to undertake a lighting upgrade. Let the savings pay the financing and you can pocket the additional cash flow on a monthly basis.

Many companies leave lighting upgrade suggestions to their trusted electrical contractors. It is important to remember that while many electrical contractors are trustworthy, their role is to be an expert electrician with broad knowledge across electrical products, codes and standards. They do not typically have the time to invest in staying at the forefront of energy efficient lighting solutions and their proper implementation. In most cases, we have found electrical contractors are unable to present the newest products or design solutions that can maximize your bottom line savings.

Apples to Apples Comparisons

At Integral Lighting we take an “apples to apples” approach to comparing your options. We outline the criteria to judge your options then evaluate each potential lighting system against the same criteria. This results in a side by side comparison evaluating important factors such as, impact on light levels, energy & maintenance savings, and payback periods. We are able to project the compounding affect of the rising cost of energy to clearly explain how much each system will cost over its rated life. Typically the main systems compared side by side are fluorescent, electronic HID, and LED.

In this two bay production facility management wanted to update the 400W MH lighting in Bay 1,  Bay 2 had been recently added.  Induction, LED, fluorescent and eHID technologies were considered in an effort to improve light level while maximizing ROI.  The company elected to go with a 200W eHID system which doubled their energy savings compared to the fluorescent system in Bay 2 while providing better quality light.  A dimming system was installed in Bay 1 which further reduces electrical draw by an estimated 10%, resulting in 65% energy savings.
eHIDvs.LED_1Two eHID units are hung on the left, 2 LED units are hung in the same row on the right.  In this application switching to the eHID system would save 56% in electricity consumption while increasing light levels by 2.25 times. Switching to the LED system would drop the electrical consumption by 63% while increasing light level by 1.42 times.

Risk Free Assessment

Many lighting companies charge an upfront consulting fee to help cover their costs of performing a lighting audit. At Integral Lighting we are so convinced that our level of service and attention to detail will provide you with the quality of work and peace of mind you require to move your lighting project through to completion; we offer our lighting audit and apples to apples proposals free of charge.
Prior to performing the lighting audit we sit down with our potential clients to determine if we both see an opportunity to work together. Once we understand our potential clients needs and expectations we can quickly determine if we believe we can help them meet their goals.

Product Demonstration


If you like the proposal(s) we have created for you we recommend you test your top picks. Before spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, why take anyone’s word concerning results? By testing each proposed system side by side with your current lighting system you are able to see the differences in energy consumption and light levels first hand. This way you can rest assured that the system you buy is exactly what you want. The savings we outline to you CAN be PROVEN, seeing is the easiest way to believe! If you chose to move ahead with the project with us, we provide this service free of charge.

Project Management

At Integral Lighting our goal is to earn your trust so that we can free you up to focus your time on making your business successful rather than trying to learn everything you need to know to choose the right lighting system. We can be your one stop shop. From the initial lighting audit through testing, project sign off, installation, and recycling. We can manage your lighting project for you. We can also assist our clients with their BC Hydro rebate application which may qualify the client for a rebate up to 75% of the total project costs!

Competitive Edge

If you would like to learn about how much money you can save, or how we can improve your light quality by upgrading your lighting system please contact us to arrange for a free no obligation lighting assessment.