When Integral Lightings met with this food processing facility located in Abbotsford BC the client was looking for ways to reduce their operating costs.  The plant was lit with 400W metal halides. Management wanted to maintain or increase the level and quality of light while maximizing energy savings.  LED, fluorescent T5 and electronic HID systems were compared.  A 200W eHID system was selected and installed in the plant achieving close to 70% energy savings while almost doubling the light level.  The exterior metal halide wall packs were upgraded to LED fixtures achieving upwards of 70% energy savings.

Before After Summary
Fixture & Power Consumption (Warehouse) Magnetic MH
(probe start)
83 Watts
Electronic HID
(pulse start)
214 Watts
>68% Savings
369 Watts per unit reduction
Installed motion sensors enabling dimming to maximize energy savings
Fixture & Power Consumption (Exterior) Magnetic MH
(probe start)
290 Watts
LED 80 Watts 72% Savings
210 Watts per unit reduction
Light Level (Warehouse) 20 Foot Candles 38 Foot Candles ˜ Double Light
Project Payback Period 1.6 Years
Annual Savings $9,000

“Our production staff and management are very pleased with our lighting upgrade. The plant is now much brighter and our operating expenses much lower- it’s win win! Chris’ professionalism and knowledge were much appreciated during our BC Hydro rebate application as well as during the installation. It was a pleasure working with Chris.”