The Abbotsford branch of Fountain Tire worked with Integral Lighting to make sense of the current lighting proposals they were evaluating.  Integral Lighting walked the client through their options and offered to demo their top two choices in their truck bay.  Two demo fixtures, one T5 6 lamp system and one electronic HID system were installed.  The T5 Fluorescent system consumed 354 watts and produced 53 foot candles which was a 265% increase over the present light levels.  The eHID system was dimmed to match the light level of the T5 system.  It consumed a mere 160 watts to produce 51 foot candles saving 300 watts vs 106 watts of the fluorescent system.  The branch manager took one look at the comparison and elected to work with Integral Lighting to install the eHID system.

Upgrade Warehouse Lighting


Before After Summary
Fixture & Power Consumption (Work Bay) Magnetic MH
(probe start)
460 Watts
Electronic HID (pulse start)

280 Watts

>44% Savings
180 Watts per unit reduction
Installed motion sensors enabling dimming to maximize energy savings
Fixture & Power Consumption (Office & Retail) Magnetic T12 4′ 4 Lamp Recessed Fluorescent
156 Watts
Electronic T5 4′ 2 Lamp Recessed Fluorescent
64 Watts
59% Savings
92 Watts per unit reduction
Light Level (Work Bay) 20 Foot Candles 80 Foot Candles 4 fold increase in light
Light Level (Office & Retail) 16 Foot Candles 34 Foot Candles ˜ Double Light
Project Payback Period 2.1 Years
Annual Savings >$5,000

“Our employees have appreciated the improved working conditions due to significant improvements in the quality and brightness of our light. In addition to the improved light, I appreciate the reduced operating expense. Chris was instrumental in working with me and BC Hydro to make our rebate application as seamless as possible. Working with Chris was a great experience and I am happy to be able to endorse him.”

Luke Madill – Manager/Owner
Fountain Tire Abbotsford