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Rescue: Freedom Rescue_Freedom_Map2

Rescue Freedom exists to empower the rescue and restoration of women and children suffering in sexual slavery. They have partner sites in 6 countries, which have touched the lives of over 32 thousand women and children in the last 20 years.  Their approach is “We believe that the best care for survivors is hyperlocal and led by those who have a long-term commitment to the community. Through our network of partners, we support programs that address the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and educational needs of rescued women and children.”


CDLlogolongCasa De Luz

Our work includes a children’s center, focused on single and impoverished families in Primo Tapia, a pilot micro loan program for education and business development, an ongoing partnership for home ownership within our community, and a deep local commitment to the spiritual growth, empowerment, and development of our community.


Scrap Cars Not Kids LogoScrap Cars not Kids

The money we raise through donations funds the work of registered charities and nonprofit organizations that work to fight child exploitation, locally and worldwide.  The exploitation of children is a an international problem that exists in Canada and North America, not just overseas. Child exploitation issues include homelessness, human trafficking, poverty and sex trafficking of kids.