2015-06-17 13.1


Before After Summary
Fixture & Power Consumption (Warehouse)

Metal Halide
517 Watts

Electronic HID
214 Watts

>60% Savings
303 Watts per unit reduction
Installed motion sensors enabling dimming to maximize energy savings
Fixture & Power Consumption (Exterior)

Metal Halide
291 Watts

85 and 120 Watt

71% Savings with wall packs / 59% in parking areas
206 Watts per unit reduction with wall packs / 171 watts saved in parking area
Increased original light level and increased lamp life
Light Level (Warehouse) 20 Foot Candles 35 Foot Candles 1.75x increase in light
Project Payback Period 1.0 Years
Annual Savings >$65,000

“Thank you and your team for a job well done and your professionalism throughout the project. You provided fantastic communication in a timely manner and you were a pleasure to deal with”.

N.W. – Project Supervisor