Upgrade Warehouse Lighting

When Integral Lighting approached Russ Iwanson of Stuffed Animal House it quickly became apparent that Russ is a true entrepreneur.  Russ owns his business and building and takes strong look at the true costs associated with any course of action.  Russ was eager to implement green initiatives that could reduce his operating costs while improving his light levels.  He reviewed the various options, namely LED, T5 Fluorescent and eHID systems.  Then Russ toured other projects that Integral Lighting had completed to see what the results looked like first hand.

Before After Summary
Fixture & Power Consumption (Warehouse)

Magnetic MH
(Probe Start)
460 Watts

Electronic HID
(Pulse Start)
265 Watts
 > 46% Savings
195 Watts per unit reduction
Installed motion sensors to enable dimming to maximize energy savings
Light Level (Warehouse) 10 Foot Candles 30 Foot Candles 3 fold increase in light
Project Payback Period 3.4 Years
Annual Savings >$7,000

“Chris proved to very knowledgeable, professional, and extremely flexible in his proposal and willingness to meet our needs. The proof is always in the final result: and to this I can say that we are very satisfied with the final product, the cost, and the service follow-up from Integral Lighting.”

Russ Iwanson
President – The Stuffed Animal House Ltd.